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What is EVL?

We are a small organization that provides a simple hosting platform for tinkerers. Covering Gaming, Voice, and Virtual Machines. We provide a minimal level of support to keep costs rock bottom. Keep your hobby inexpensive.

EVL History

Previously, we operated a fully fledged game server and web server hosting company. To keep things simple, we’ve closed the brand and have opened EVL Network Rentals. Our primary customers at were mostly tinkerers. Those who knew how to configure their virtual machines and game servers to their exact specifications. Those who valued a stable, and easy to use hosting platform.

Mods? Plugins? Web application configuration? We leave that to you and take care of the infrastructure.


EVL Network Rentals keeps its infrastructure located just outside of Quebec, CA. We maintain backups of critical back office systems and leverage AWS for disaster recovery and failover of some services.

Our design team follows industry standard best practices for data security and availability. We also offer some additional services (like backup plans) to help you keep your data always available at a low cost.

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